We all know that children learn things at a faster pace than adults. This happens because their brain is still making new connections at a rapid rate and that is what causes them to learn things faster. Each child inclines to a specific learning style. If the kids are taught accordingly, they can learn and retain the learned information faster. 

There are four learning styles according to the VARK model; visual, auditory, reading-writing, and kinesthetic. Every child can benefit from all learning styles but they might have one particular learning style which can help them learn things better and faster.

Visual Learning style:

Visual learners can understand and learn better when the information is presented with a visual stimulus. Visual learners tend to have vivid memories of things. They remember information more with the help of visual cues. 

Indicators of a visual learning style:
  • They remember people’s faces easily
  • They like to observe their surroundings 
  • They have very vivid and graphic imaginations
  • They tend to remember maps or places better
Auditory learning style:

Children that have a dominant auditory learning style tend to learn easily through auditory stimuli. They tend to remember sounds more. There is a possibility that children with auditory learning styles can have a good musical aptitude or an inclination to sing or play an instrument. Children with an auditory learning style can benefit from reading aloud as they can learn and retain information better when they hear it.

Indicators of auditory learning style:
  • They tend to read aloud 
  • They can follow audio/verbal instructions well. 
  • Ability to notice minute or different sounds
  • They can have an inclination towards discussions
  • They tend to have a better verbal aptitude
Reading/writing-based learning style:

Children with reading/writing styles tend to learn better by reading or writing. They can understand or retain information faster when it is presented in a textual format. 

Indicators of reading-writing based learning style:
  • They are good at describing things verbally
  • They do well on written assignments
  • They tend to learn faster by making written notes or lists
  • They like to read more
Kinesthetic learning style:

Children who learn faster by tactile or hands-on learning tend to fall into this category of learning styles. They tend to understand and learn things faster by actually doing them. 

Indicators of kinesthetic based learning style:
  • They tend to use gestures while talking or explaining something.
  • They tend to have high aptitudes in physical activities such as dance, sports, etc.
  • They have a better hand-eye coordination
  • They might have shown some physical development milestones like walking, crawling, etc. slightly earlier than other kids
  • They tend to enjoy practical applications more than learning theory

These are the four learning styles. Some kids might learn or understand information with one particular learning style over the other. But it is important to know that there are many other factors like the environment, teachers, and their other cognitive abilities which can affect a kid’s learning and understanding. But having an understanding of your kid’s learning style can help you choose better learning platforms for your kids. 

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