One Year Program

The Skill Building Program by CueKids is a one year journey of the child with our unique learning modules, each having a specific objective to teach crucial people skills to the child. The program is run as live online sessions of 4-6 kids per batch.

Once your child enrols for the program, we would be finalising their batch as per convenience and available schedule.

Module 1

  • Improve natural confidence
  • Body language of confidence
  • Tackle any audience confidently

Module 2

  • Varied Content Per Audience
  • Building Debating Skill …
  • Tackling Q&A ………………………

Module 3

  • Improve observational skills
  • Improve critical thinking …
  • Sharpening all senses …….

Module 4

  • Understanding emotions
  • Building empathy ……………
  • Emotional intelligence …..

Module 5

  • Building self awareness …
  • Art of introspection …………
  • Being Happy ………………………

Module 6

  • Being adaptable
  • Building cultural intelligence
  • Appreciating cultures

Module 7

  • Conversation techniques
  • Improving social skills
  • Mingling with others

Module 8

  • Improve camera presence
  • Build video content
  • Adapting to technology

Module 9

  • Being original
  • Building stories
  • Excelling at observation

Individual Modules

If you wish, you can also enrol your child for any one of our modules. With teacher:child ratio of 6:1, we ensure your child gets personal attention of the trainer during the online sessions. New batches are regularly started as per time convenience of all kids joining any course.

Unlock Your Emotional Superpower

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Being A Great Detective

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Public Speaking

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Public Speaking

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Future Ready

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Skill Development


Here’s what happy parents had to say about experience of our courses

We enrolled Vanya for Being A Great Detective course. The course was very exciting and engaging.She took time to get comfortable and later she couldn’t wait for the session to start. She loved the group activities,she was most excited about them. Thank you for this fresh concept.

- Kshipra Vanya's Mother

I must complement that CueKids has been very professional and I have been very happy with the way CueKids has conducted the program. Looking forward to enrolling for more of your sessions!​

-Shweta Srivastava Mother of Raya

Experience of Emotional Intelligence online module was good and helpful as per kids feedback . They say it’s good for their future and even I believe so as I have myself attended few of your sessions. Favorite activity during the camp was story making.

Continue the good work.

- Seema Gohil Mother of Dev and Devanshi