Public Speaking level 2 course for kids: New batch starts soon!

Want your child to be at their confident best when speaking in front of an audience? Enrol your child in our highly interactive online sessions to impact secrets to great public speaking techniques. In fun ways that are easy to understand and implement for children.

Let’s teach our kids something to build their personalities!!

Course objectives:

  • Hand gestures specifics
  • Adding humour to delivery
  • Appearing for debates
  • Handling tough Q&A
  • Tweaking body language to suit setup
  • Managing common voice mistakes
  • Using metaphors, analogies and examples

Skill Development:

  • Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Building content
  • Body language


  • Highly engaging, fun filled sessions
  • Team activities on a regular basis
  • Video clips analysis
  • Simple individual tasks
  • One short group course project

New batch details:

  • Age group: 7-12 years
  • No. of Sessions: 15 sessions of 1 hour each
  • Child to Teacher Ratio: 6:1

Why our sessions:

  • Experience of working with kids from across the globe
  • Highly interactive fun sessions with lots of activities
  • Simple assignments which are easy to finish and teach different concepts to children
  • Only Indian company to offer courses with deep focus on body language
  • Unique content curated in house by specialists in psychology and body language
  • Session activities would be customised according to age of children attending the sessions


  • Certificate of participation to all attendees
  • Personalised feedback of child’s progress to parents after the public speaking level 2 course
  • Worksheets and update on activities done on regular basis