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Khyati has trained for mastery in nonverbal communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro and is certified with expert level in reading micro and mini expressions by Paul Ekman. She has been working with parents and senior leaders across the globe to help them sharpen their people skills using the power of body language. She started the parent company Simply Body Talk in 2013 and CueKids in 2019 to channelise her passion for the subject into improving lives of working professionals, parents and children.

Khyati is often quoted in the media for her thoughts on body language with changing times or on political figures in papers like The Economic Times, Dainik Jagran, Times of India, Deccan Herald etc. Khyati has received international awards for business excellence.

Khyati Bhatt founder CueKids




Let’s equip our children to sharpen their people skills that will help them stand out and excel in a world surrounded by technology

The Story

Khyati had been working on modules for senior leaders through Simply Body Talk. As a doting mother and a working professional, she could understand the necessity of bonding with her daughter and of maintaining a good work life balance.

When her daughter was turning 8, Khyati’s husband challenged her to help children learn the same skills as she was teaching senior leaders. The trick would be to not just teach concepts but to make it fun for kids, so that they would just be playing with each other and yet learning important life skills. It seemed impossible at the time, but Khyati accepted the challenge.

And thus on their daughter’s 8th birthday the first short module for kids was launched. And so also was CueKids born. From a single module to more than 20 different courses for kids, and an equal variety for parents, there has been no looking back for CueKids. From a single setup to becoming a global brand, Khyati has works hard to ensure that the right concepts are made available to every child to develop their personality.

Khyati considers her daughter as her inspiration for everything she constructs for CueKids and actively takes her inputs on all new course modules.

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The concept if Active Parenting is so important, and yet often missed out. Thank you for bringing it to light for our team members.

Sahil, Sr. HR Manager, Asian Paints

Exploring Parenthood was a wonderful workshop Khyati. Getting to know the nuances and subtleties in a child’s reactions which are there in front of the eyes but are often missed, and to get a better understanding about how I am giving out signals which affect my daughter’s behavior really, a great learning experience. Thanks so much! Kudos to you and your entire team for what you guys are doing. Looking forward to enrolling for more of your sessions!​

Hemant Bhardwaj, Father of 7 year old

Khyati actively conducts parenting workshops as a part of the CueKids team

Some snapshots from sessions conducted for parents and for corporates by Khyati.

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