Public Speaking Course


Course Objective

Public Speaking can sometimes be challenging for kids who haven’t faced audiences before. Through activities which gradually build up in complexity, we give children the exposure of different type of situations of public speaking. While sharing simple, easy to remember body language tricks, we would also be guiding them on great ways to build content for their speech through the interactive exercises done.

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This course will help your child to:

Course Public Speaking 5

Be able to face the audience with confidence

Course Public Speaking 6

Use different content and body language techniques

Course Public Speaking 7

Connect well with audience and create a memorable experience for them

Course Public Speaking 8

Tweak their delivery style as per situation

Skills Development

Here are some of the skills that your child will gain through this interactive fun filled online public speaking course

Course Public Speaking 9


Course Public Speaking 7

Communication Skills

Course Public Speaking 11

Building Content

Course Public Speaking 12

Body Language


Course Public Speaking 13


Level One introduces concepts that can help a shy child open up to the concept of speaking in front of a crowd of people. Not only that, kids who love to public speaking would be learning different techniques to add style to their delivery using content and body language. We take up strategies like great starts to speeches, being creative, establishing authority to name a few.

Course Public Speaking 14


Level Two digs deeper into more elaborate techniques for Public speaking. This course is a natural progression to Level One. Adding humour, debates, and other content building strategies can help children to make their speeches stronger and more powerful when paired with the right body language, as we will discuss in this course.

Level One Course Outlines

Day 1-3


Day 4-6

Adding Style
to Delivery

Day 7-9


Day 10-11

Handling Audience Reaction

Day 12-14

Facing Any

Day 15


Level Two Course Outlines

Day 1-3

Hand Gestures

Day 4-6

Adding Style
to Content

Day 7-9

Avoiding Common
Voice Errors

Day 10-11

Tackling Tough

Day 12-14

Body Language for Different Setups

Day 15


Choose your plan

Pick a program that best fits your requirements. We will schedule the batch as per your child’s comfort.

Single Course

299per class
  • 10/12 classes
  • 40 minute per session
  • 6 kids per group

Dual Package

270per class
  • 22 classes
  • 40 minutes
  • 6 kids per group

Skill Building Module

225per class
  • 5 courses in all
  • 40 minute per session
  • 6 kids

My child thoroughly enjoyed the Public Speaking Camp like a dream come true. She really liked the role playing activities. She was able to understand everything that was done in the camp. Value addition session. She can now write and narrate a story with confidence.

- Aashana Kapoor, Mother of Alecia

I enrolled my daughter for Public Speaking Course as she was shy. The course helped her build courage to face the audience. After the course, she is able to talk more confidently in routine conversations also. We are definitely looking for more such courses by CueKids.

- Rohan Kulkarni Surabhi's Father

I enrolled my children in the course as I want their public appearance and confidence level to be high. My daughter is very naturally inclined with public dealing and speaking but my son is a little bit shy. In level 1 I saw some improvements. I am extending their enrolment to Level 2 to improve their practice.

- Hossain Reja

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