Does your child get thrilled with the idea of creating their own story? What better way of teaching them this than through the theme that all kids love best – Detectives!!

Enrol your child for our course Create your own Detective Story as we discuss through fun filled activity packed online sessions how to create a story. As always, we would be focusing on how to make best use of nonverbal communication throughout the theme of the course.

Objectives of this course would be:
– Basics of a story
– Building your detective
– Adding characters, plot, details
– How clues play out
– Putting it all together
– Concluding the story

The course project would help children to create and present their own story in a format they are comfortable with – video, audio, graphs, script and so on.


  • Highly engaging, fun filled sessions
  • Team activities on a regular basis
  • Video clips analysis
  • Simple individual tasks
  • One short group course project

New batch details:

  • Age group: 7-12 years
  • No. of Sessions: 15 sessions of 1 hour each
  • Child to Teacher Ratio: 6:1

Why our sessions:

  • Experience of working with kids from across the globe
  • Highly interactive fun sessions of public speaking level 1 course with lots of activities
  • Simple assignments which are easy to finish and teach different concepts to children
  • Only Indian company to offer courses with deep focus on body language
  • Unique content curated in house by specialists in psychology and body language
  • Session activities would be customised according to age of children attending the sessions


  • Certificate of participation to all attendees
  • Personalised feedback of child’s progress to parents after the course
  • Worksheets and update on activities done on regular basis