By CueKids

Parent Child Bonding Sessions

A unique initiative by CueKids to help families becomes stronger together by building onto each other’s unique personalities through coaching sessions conducted with the parent and the child.

The parent child bonding sessions have been designed by our team after understanding that merely working with kids or with parents cannot help them to become stronger and happier. We need to help families to strengthen their bonds together.

Each session has been carefully designed after much thought and experience of the common hurdles that we have encountered in misunderstandings between parents and children or their expectations from each other in general.

Each session will end with one key takeaway – a tool or worksheet that will help you to keep revisiting the discussions we do during the sessions so that the learnings become imbibed in your lifestyle for a long time to come.

  • Parent and child attend the session together which can be conducted online or offline

  • Ideal age of kids for these sessions is 7-12 years old although we can customise for specific requirements

  • Through fun activities you will be learning much more about each other’s needs and strengths

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