emotional intelligence event


Why this is important for families

Parent-child relationships go through a roller coaster these days. From generation gap to surviving lockdown, modern parenting is no piece of cake. To make things a little sorted and to ensure that parents and children connect from time to time CueKids has come up with these fun-filled and activity based bonding sessions that work on yours and your child’s emotional intelligence, you do not want to miss out on !

What we will cover

These are one hour sessions where we will be talking about emotional intelligence and try to learn more about emotions and also about how to address them effectively. These sessions will be activity based and both the parent and the child will be getting a chance to participate in these activities that will strengthen your relationship and will bring a very different perspective on how you can tackle emotional situations. As always, the unique way in which CueKids approaches this concept would be by analysing body language and teaching you how to do the same in easy to follow simple steps.

One hour power packed session

Key Objectives

Emotionally Intelligent Families 4

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