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Explore our wide portfolio of services in nonverbal communication

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Know about our fun filled engaging modules for children to improve life skills and build an edge in their personality

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Participate in our interactive sessions to uncover healthy family relationships and know more about your kids

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Discover how our unique programs can be a part of your life skills curriculum, adding value beyond academia for every child

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Join our rapidly expanding team through different channels and play your role in building bright futures of tomorrow

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Fun ways to build life skills using nonverbal communication

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Different themed online courses available across the globe, filled with engaging activities to make learning fun for kids

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Quizzes, activities and lots more available on our digital platform which allows self paced learning by children​

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Make your child’s next party one they will cherish forever with our unique themes based on social and emotional learning

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Personal Coaching

Customized programs available for kids who wish to work upon their communication style with our specialised coaches

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Summer Camps

Vacations can be fun when kids come together and participate in our short programs available in physical format

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Bonding Sessions

Allow your kid to explore different concepts of bonding with you as together you participate in our interactive online sessions

For Parents

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Bonding Sessions

Participate in our activity based bonding sessions with your child and uncover how together you can build stronger family ties

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Parenting Workshops

Explore how you can play a role in moulding your child’s personality through our experiential workshops meant for parents

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Tips on Parenting

Browse through our free articles to read how nonverbal communication builds your child’s skill sets in different ways

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Explore our portfolio of services for schools in nonverbal communication

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Leadership Coaching

Intensive yet activity based program for kids who are part of the school leadership committee to prepare them to be leaders of tomorrow

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Skill Building Courses

 Programs that can be included in the school curriculum to inculcate life skills in children and develop their overall personality

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Training Teachers

Certification program to equip your school teachers to be able to conduct our programs within school curriculum

For Business

Discover different ways in which we can work together to build a better future for kids

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Partner with us as a franchise owner and play a role in building kids who become
leaders of tomorrow

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Skill Trainer

Certify with us for conducting our programs and freelance in your free time, working on your own terms

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Join our fast growing network of
marketing partners and get an opportunity of making extra income

My child thoroughly enjoyed the Public Speaking Camp like a dream come true. She really liked the role playing activities. She was able to understand everything that was done in the camp. Value addition session. She can now write and narrate a story with confidence.

- Aashana Kapoor, Mother of Alecia

I enrolled my daughter for Public Speaking Course as she was shy. The course helped her build courage to face the audience. After the course, she is able to talk more confidently in routine conversations also. We are definitely looking for more such courses by CueKids.

- Rohan Kulkarni Surabhi's Father

I enrolled my children in the course as I want their public appearance and confidence level to be high. My daughter is very naturally inclined with public dealing and speaking but my son is a little bit shy. In level 1 I saw some improvements. I am extending their enrolment to Level 2 to improve their practice.

- Hossain Reja

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