Summer Camps for 7-12 year olds in Mumbai

Summer Camp 1

Days of camp: 15 days – 1 hour daily

Theme: Unlock your Emotional Superpower

Objective: Better achievement in academics and extracurricular activities


  1. Tackling difficult situations with ease
  2. Expressing empathy for friends and family
  3. Learning to introspect
  4. Body Language techniques for emotional intelligence
  5. Learning to introspect

Strength: 6-10 kids in a batch

Contact: +91-7045540534

Summer Camp 2

Days of Camp: 15 days – 1 hour daily

Theme: Boost your Social Skills

Objective: Being confident in all situations – friendships, creative spaces, decision making and more


  1. Overcome shyness and open up
  2. Learn to strike up conversations with anyone
  3. Body Language for social skills
  4. Being assertive in group discussions
  5. Leading a group

Strength: 6-10 kids in a batch

Contact: +91-7045540534

Brought to you by specialists in body language

  • All days are fun filled, including physical activities, team challenges, quizzes, craft and so on.

  • Classes conducted only by experienced trainers who work with international kids

  • Fees include course book, certificate and access to relevant content on our website for kids

  • Capstone Project will be done by kids to showcase all learnings of the camp

Summer Camps in Mumbai 2