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  • Purpose and scope of the position

    To follow up and close leads for generation of revenue

    Profile Description

    • To nurture and convert leads into actual sales for our brand for kids CueKids
    • To maintain relationship with parents who have enrolled their children with us
    • To follow up for setting trials and co ordinating between the trainer team and the parents
    • To identify potential avenues for franchisee options and tap those
    • To reach out to corporates for training engagements

    Work Specifications

    • This is a work from office role with flexibility to take 2 days work from home

    Skills Required

    • Excellent persuasion skills
    • Good communication skills
    • Good knowledge of how sales works

    Educational Qualification

    • Marketing stream or specialisation.
    • Relevant prior experience or internship is a MUST


  • To help create content for our digital portal Eclass by CueKids
  • Types of activities include video content, quizzes, puzzles, stories etc.
  • Flexible work from home internship


  • Excellent writing skills
  • Background in psychology is a MUST
  • Relevant experience will be a bonus


  1. Helping us do groundwork on setting up branches and franchises in different parts of India
  2. Study of businesses in similar line of work having presence in multiple cities
  3. Research on steps to be followed, documentation required etc for the same
  4. This internship is ideal for anyone undergoing management studies or looking to set up their own business in the future
  5. This is a one month flexible hours internship with the option of working from office or from home


  1. Excellent research skills
  2. Knack for detailed groundwork via online research or in person conversations


  1. Experience of working in an international organisation
  2. Learning to do groundwork for expanding any business
  3. Excellent chance to work with and learn from a team of experienced and seasoned professionals


Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business. Relevant experience is a bonus


  • To improve organic reach of social media platforms of CueKids
  • To fine tune the write up of our existing content on social media
  • Guidance will be provided
  • Flexible timing work from home internship


  • Digital marketing course certification or currently pursuing the same
  • Relevant experience will be a bonus

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Current Openings 1

I relished my one-month social media internship at CueKids, thoroughly enjoying the process of crafting Google web stories. The experience amplified my creative flair and deepened my understanding of impactful content creation. Immersed in the role, I found genuine pleasure in contributing to CueKids’ online narrative

Harshita Kansara
Current Openings 2

More than 2year’s at CueKids! My journey has been filled with learning and growing within the organization. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great individuals who are generous in sharing knowledge. I am grateful to all my colleagues here who contributed in my journey so far.

Kirti Rangrao
Current Openings 3

I joined cute kids as a content intern (remote) position in December 2022. I had a really good experience. I have learned and explored many things in the field of child development and Body language. It was a great experience working with content seniors and having guidance and feedback from them.
Thank you for this opportunity
Khyati Bhatt Ma’am, Devanshi, and Neel.

Aditi Dhekane, Content Intern
Current Openings 4

I joined CueKids in July and it has been a really fun ride for me these past couple of months. Their work culture is something that everyone should experience once and I can say with great gratitude that my supervisor never let the work be a burden on me. Be it from having flexible work hours to let me take a break for a week, she has been a great help to me these few months. I can say that these people really enjoy what they do and that’s what any of us ever should do. So thank you for these last 3 months and all the best to everyone 😀

Aayush Kapoor
Current Openings 5

I joined CueKids in Jan 2021 as an SEO executive. The company is really working hard to reach the audience and make them understand the benefits of Body Language courses for kids. All the courses they are offering are actually helping kids to develop various skills and perform well in academics as well as in social surroundings.
I was not only an employee there, but also, as a parent, I enrolled my child in one of the courses which are helping me a lot in ways.

The company is having a good working environment, culture, and the team was very supportive. I learned a lot from each member of the team. There was a lot of work but no work pressure.

Khyati mam was involved in each n every activity held in the company. Whether it’s related to work or playing online games with each other. She always had time to solve the queries of each employee and encourage them to move ahead.

I was lucky to get a chance to work with such a wonderful team of CueKids. Thank you all for everything.

Madhura Kawale
Current Openings 6

One of the best places I have worked at. The autonomy to show your own talent and not always stick to the rules, being appreciated for the novelty you bring is extremely rewarding. I would really miss working at CueKids.

Ananya Chawla
Current Openings 7

Interning with Cuekids has been an incredible opportunity for me. The team’s professionalism, support, and faith in me have made this experience really fulfilling. Their dedication to educate almost everyone with non-verbal communication skills as well as cultural and social skills has really impacted my pattern of thought process. The flexibility of time and work and promptness displayed by the team made it really easy for me to present my research and writing skills. Cuekids, the child company of Simply Body Talk is an amazing organization to work with. Thank you for the gesture of allowing me to contribute to the organisation as a content writer

Pranshi Jaiswal
Current Openings 8

For my internship that I was required to do as a part of my academic curriculum, I was looking to intern in the field of industrial/organisational psychology. While searching for the same, I got an amazing opportunity to work with CueKids , which is an organisation that focuses on child development and non verbal communication.

Working here was a lovely experience as I definitely learnt a lot and also had a very joyful experience as well. Apart from my work that I had to do for the company, I also attained a lot of information regarding non verbal communication and the corporate world through the meetings and discussions that we had. While researching for my articles and stories, I got much understanding regarding child psychology and development, besides from gaining a lot of content creation experience. This internship felt the most real in terms of work and experience, than any other previous internships that I had done.

Working with Khyati Bhatt ma’am was a wonderful experience. Ma’am was very supportive, helpful and cooperative at every moment when I needed help. She taught me a lot about how to create children friendly content, while rectifying my mistakes. The team here is absolutely amazing, and each of the members here provided me with great support and help in different aspects. Unnati Pithadia helped me with a lot of administrative work. Grishma Shah recommended me various unique ideas for my writeup. Komal Dadhe made me act for reels and clicked perfect pictures for my profile. And a special mention to Neel Kothari with whom I brainstormed ideas, learnt editing, and who also helped me with a lot of stuff. I am really grateful for each and everyone’s support.

The talks that we had during lunch time, and the team bonding activities kept me joyous and excited. They were also a great way for me to communicate and grow my bond with the team working here was so great that I didn’t even realise how the 30 days went.

Ritik Singh
Current Openings 9

“I joined CueKids as an intern to restart my career after 10 years. I got complete support and guidance from the team and this gave me confidence in  starting my career in a new field.”

Sneha Sabu, SEO Intern

 I joined CueKids as a marketing intern in May 2022. It was a great opportunity for me to learn and explore the field. It was a great experience working and learning with such good people. I learned how to work in a sophisticated work culture. The communication among the employees was good and proper.

Advika Agarwal
Yash Sirohi

 I started my journey with Khyati Ma’am and the company as a mere college intern. The journey from an intern to a research assistant, to Associate Consultant at Simply Body Talk, to finally the Lead Trainer at CueKids has been surreal. I have learned so much, not just about the art of body language, but also about leadership, crowd interaction, facilitation and so on under the mentorship of Khyati Ma’am. Accompanying her to events and seminars and watching her live has to be my favourite memory.

The last 4 years have been nothing but wonderful. The team, the office culture, the environment, going to miss all of it.

Yash Sirohi

Almost over a month at cue kids, my experience here has been filled with learning and growing. As a content writer, I’ve been exposed to a variety of opportunities to grow and be flexible in my work. I am grateful for this opportunity and the people I worked with.

Alisha D'abreo
Current Openings 10

It was my first internship as a Video Editor and the experience was enriching. The team was supportive as the trainers guided me through every video. Little did I know that a single video requires a significant amount of information digging. I managed to learn that along with various techniques for getting statistical data and finding out if it was reliable. As my internship comes to an end, I’d like to thank Cuekids for this wonderful journey.

Vaishnavi Khengare
Current Openings 11
This was my first real internship that was closely related to my field, and it has been an incredible experience. It was a privilege to be able to learn under the guidance of Grishma ma’am. The team of CueKids was extremely patient with me, while I was juggling a full-time job alongside. It was an honor to work for an organization whose work I truly admire. I can only hope that I lived up to the same standards.
Harshini Prabhu, Content Intern
About us
Working at CueKids was fun! I learned to come out of my comfort zone and be more confident. The autonomy you get to express and use your ideas was the best part about working with CueKids.
My favorite part was the bookshelf that helped us learn more and also contribute more to the company. I aspire to be a leader like Khyati ma’am. I have learned a lot of things from her directly and indirectly
Rujuta Joshi
Current Openings 12

I want to thank the Cuekids for giving me the opportunity to learn the work.
During my internship, I learned a lot. There are various things I learned like; how to do the promotions, how to reach the end-users, how to expand one’s business. While doing these things I learned that there are small things that play the most important role in the growth of the business. I will always be grateful to khyati ma’am for allowing me to be a part of this organization and helping me to learn in a short span of time.
I enjoyed being with all and had a great time.

Dikshant Chauhan
Current Openings 13

Interning for CueKids has been a really good experience. In these 4 months, I’ve learnt more about how to develop a course and how one activity can be done in 10 different ways. I have learned about how an organization works and what all strategies that need to go in for marketing, etc., and these skills are much-needed in today’s day and age. Cue Kids is not your typical internship experience where interns get the file papers and backend work. Any new ideas that you have can be pitched to the team. The work culture at CueKids is full of fun and ease – you won’t ever feel stressful. The team also is very accommodating to the needs. And what more than this would an intern want. I wish I could continue and convert this into full-time over here, however, certain things did not work out and I have no regrets because I know that the place will be open for me in future. And my experience at CueKids has been more than a worthwhile experience and I am forever grateful of the mentorship and lessons I have received. 

Rajvi Turakhia
About us
Working at CueKids was one of the most enriching experiences I have had. There’s so much that I have learned from Khyati ma’am and the team.

When I first started out, I was quite new to the field of body language but now it is safe to say it’s become one of my favourites and it’s all because of Khyati Ma’am.
From giving me her books to answering my bazillion questions to even quizzing me, the efforts she would show towards my learning truly showed her love for the field.

In the 1.5 years that I worked at CueKids, I have grown tremendously and I realised how much of an importance my teammates played in this.

Work starts feeling like a hobby if you have a good team of colleagues by your side.

Going to miss them all.

Nafisa Diwan
Current Openings 14

During my internship in CueKids, I gained valuable experience in content creation and video production. I identified relevant content, wrote video scripts, and provided video clips that could be used to illustrate concepts. It was great working with my trainer – Grishma Ma’am. Her guidance helped me improve and provided me with valuable skills and experience.

Monal Chopda
Current Openings 15

My experience at Cuekids has been extraordinary and it has changed my perception of how corporates work or “bosses” are. Khyati ma’am has an infectious work ethic and passion that inspires us to create that kind of work life balance. One of the best places I have worked at the autonomy to show your own talent and not always stick to the rules, being appreciated for the novelty you bring is extremely rewarding. I would really miss working at CueKids

Unnati Trivedi