A DIY Learning App for Kids


Eclass is where children learn crucial life skills like emotional intelligence, social interactions, natural confidence, communication and so on at their own pace and time. With a multitude of options of learning – video activities, short stories, quizzes, worksheets, fun puzzles and so on, there is something for your child, no matter what be their preferred mode of learning. Designed by our in-house team of specialists in nonverbal communication and psychology, you can be rest assured that the content is relevant and age appropriate.


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App 1

Learn at your pace

Don’t want to enrol for group courses or any other course to learn life skills?This platform allows you to access materials to learn when you want, however much you want.

App 2

Share with Community

Learning can be fun with friends! Now you get a chance to share your activities and worksheets with each other through our Activity Wall. Closely guided by your teachers.

App 3

Various ways of Learning

Whether you like to learn through videos, reading, sharing, puzzles, worksheets, we have something for each of you. All explained in simple to follow English.

App 4

Feedback from Teacher

Isn’t that awesome? You can stay connected with teachers by sending in your work to them, even if you are doing it at home by yourself, and get inputs on how you did and what you can improve.

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  • One Year Access
  • Fun Corner Access
  • Free events every fortnight
  • 24/7 Support


  • Yearly Subscription: $99
  • Fun Corner Access
  • All events free to attend
  • Videos and worksheets free
  • 20% off on online courses
  • 10% off on live courses
  • 24/7 Support


  • Yearly Subscription: $199/-
  • Fun corner free to access
  • Events free to attend anytime
  • 30% off on online courses
  • 20% off on live courses
  • Feedback of Teacher
  • 24/7 Support


Eclass App can be accessed here. All content on eclass is meant for kids and it is totally safe to create a child account on the eclass as well.

Currently we are working with Paypal and Instamojo as the mode of payment. You can use your account or your debit / credit card or netbanking to make the payment. For any other mode of payment, do reach us over the chat window or + 91 7045540534 and we will help you out.

The greatest benefit you as a young learner get is a safe learning place to learn with fun! Depending on the level of membership, there are various events and free passes that are available. They are mentioned in the table above. Your parents can know more by speaking with us.

You are most welcome to avail our free membership! If you would like to also take a look at the material available in paid memberships, don’t hesitate to reach us over the Chat window.

Kids can submit their projects for others kids to see and share inputs on the Activity Wall. Plus they can participate in challenges here.

Every month we have awesome events that you can attend when you want to. With membership, you get to choose which events you want to attend absolutely free of cost! You can check the calendar of events lined up to make your choice.