The Skill Building Program by CueKids is a one-year journey of the child with our unique learning modules, each having a specific objective to teach crucial people skills to the child. The program is run as live online sessions of 4-6 kids per batch.

Once your child enrols for the program, we would be finalising their batch as per convenience and available schedule.

Full-year enrollment Program Module Objectives (Include Five Modules) :



  • Face any group with confidence
  • Learn to adapt his style to the audience
  • Be able to create creative and interesting content

2.Emotional Intelligence


  • Understand his friends and family better
  • Become a great communicator
  • Consciously learn to tackle difficult emotions

3.Observation Skills 


  • Learn observational skills
  • Maximise use of all senses

4.Social Skills


  • Develop social skills
  • Overcome shyness in front of strangers
  • Learn various conversation techniques

5.Cultural Intelligence


  • Appreciate and understand culture
  • Gain cultural intelligence