When growing up, one of the most underrated parts of our childhoods was the attention towards the development of our social and emotional skills. Be it, teachers, in schools, or parents at home, the majority of the focus was given towards building ourselves a resume of worthwhileness. It wasn’t until later in our lives that we realized the importance of those skills. Therefore, let’s break this pattern when it comes to our children.

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal coaching for children is a one-on-one approach taken by the trainer to work on the personality development of children. As the format is one-on-one, it is needless to say that the attention and resources won’t be shared and it will be customized entirely for your child. The aim here is to assess your child’s personality thoroughly, understand the areas of improvement and work on them. For example, if your child is social by nature but when it comes to initiating conversations, they are a bit reluctant, then the main aim of the coaching will be to improve that. The focus of the coaching goes hand-in-hand with your area of concern as well as the results from the assessment. 

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Why Personal Coaching?

While some children excel in group activities, it is definitely not the only way of personality development. Being present in a group can become intimidating for your child. They might start to feel overshadowed by the presents of other children who perhaps might be more confident than them. Therefore it is important to start small. This is where personal coaching comes into action. Personal coaching assures your child gets the space, time, and resources needed for them to excel at their own pace. We work thoroughly until a visible improvement is seen. The sessions are filled with knowledgeable activities and with every session comes a practical assignment.

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Who is it for? 

These types of courses are generally aimed at children in the age group of 12 years and above.

Personal Coaching or Group Courses

Group courses are designed for the overall improvement of children. The activities and the design of the course are such that generally, one type of information is given to all children. However, as addressed before, the personal coaching approach is more one-one. There are no pre-designed materials or pre-determined activities. As and how we understand the child, we gather material that will be beneficial to that particular child only. 


Personal coaching opens the doors to improvement for children. Studies have shown that children who are higher on social and emotional intelligence are more likely to excel academically and become great leaders in the future. Therefore, let’s not overlook these qualities in our children anymore.