Dhruvi, a 12-year-old student, demonstrated a strong interest in enhancing her public speaking and debating skills. Despite her enthusiasm, she struggled with structuring her speech content and effectively engaging her audience.

Challenge or Goal:

The main objective was to help Dhruvi develop robust public speaking and debating skills. The focus was on improving her ability to organize and deliver speeches creatively and confidently, and to excel in debates through effective body language and persuasive techniques.

Pre-assessment Result:

Dhruvi’s primary challenges were in organizing her speech content and maintaining audience engagement. A pre-assessment, including a video call, short test, and discussions with those familiar with Dhruvi, highlighted these areas as key focuses for improvement.

Coaching Approach:

The coaching approach for Dhruvi involved structured sessions addressing her public speaking and debating needs. The sessions covered techniques for starting and concluding speeches, organizing content creatively, and using storytelling to engage the audience. Practical exercises focused on maintaining audience interest and adding personal style to her presentations. Debating skills were honed through lessons on body language, research preparation, persuasion, active listening, and argument analysis. 

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Progress and Successes:

Dhruvi made consistent progress throughout the coaching process. She became more adept at organizing her speech content and engaging her audience. Notable milestones included improved storytelling abilities, enhanced body language during debates, and increased confidence in delivering presentations.

Obstacles and Setbacks:

Initially, she faced difficulties in maintaining audience engagement and organizing her speech content effectively. However, with persistent practice and feedback, she overcame these challenges. Regular analysis of her video recordings and on-the-spot feedback during sessions played a crucial role in her improvement.

Parent Involvement:

Dhruvi’s parent was actively involved, providing insights into her progress and supporting her practice at home. Regular communication ensured that the coaching goals were aligned with parental expectations and her child’s personal development needs.

Outcome and impact:

The coaching program led to significant improvements in her public speaking and debating abilities. She became more adept at organizing her speech content, engaging her audience with effective storytelling, and presenting her ideas confidently. Her body language during debates improved, making her arguments more persuasive.

(Child’s name changed due to privacy).