Do you ever think that just the academic accomplishments of your kids will not be enough to stand out in today’s world? Do you think that your kids require more soft skills like nonverbal communication, social skills, and emotional skills? Then you are absolutely correct. We all know that other than our academic skills, how we interact, the way we conduct ourselves, the way we present ideas matters a lot when it comes to dealing with real-world issues. Wouldn’t it be great if we can imbibe all these skills at a young age?

Humans are social animals. We learn different skills depending on and in respect to our surroundings. Social skills are one of those skills that can determine our place in our environment and society. Hence, it is very important to learn social skills because they are as important as academics in today’s world. 

How can kids learn social skills?

Adolescence is a critical age to learn new social skills because the brains of adolescents are more receptive to new information. Social-emotional skills can be taught to adolescents in school. Learning social skills with parents is also an effective way of learning them. 

At CueKids, we designed a website called Eclass just for kids with an idea that kids will be able to learn these essential skills at their own pace and as per their own learning style.  Learning social skills with parents will not only make the kids learn these skills in a better way but it will also improve the parent-child relationship. Parents and kids would be able to understand each other in a better way. 

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How does CueKids Eclass help develop social skills?

The content available on CueKids Eclass is designed in such a way that it can benefit kids with all kinds of learning styles. One of the best ways of learning social skills is to learn them with someone. 

  1. Scientific research has shown that more parent-child interactions are positively related to social and communication skills development in kids. Eclass has many activities that involve engagement with parents. This improves their skills as well as helps them bond better with children.
  2. All of us know that kids lacked the physical presence of their friends around them during the pandemic. Eclass video activities give kids a chance to interact more with their parents and friends.
  3. There are different worksheets, fun facts on Eclass which focus on particular skills like ending conversations, learning about your culture, debate, assertiveness, empathy, observation skills and many more which you can access for free

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  1. If your kid likes reading, there is something for them as well. Eclass has some amazing and simple-to-understand stories which will teach the kids about the importance of different social skills. These stories are accessible for free on Eclass. 
  2. The digiboxes on Eclass are designed in such a way that they can apply different things by doing activities with their parents and friends. These activities can be done on video calls as well as in person. 

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