In the past 1-2 years, schooling and learning methods have gone through changes. Children are lacking the learning that happens by going to schools, meeting friends and teachers and not through textbooks. To compensate for that, many online multimedia learning platforms have started using different media-based learning. Let’s see what it is about.

multimedia learning

What is Multimedia Learning?

Learning with multimedia is a learning mode in which different media like texts, audio, video, games, activities are used to teach. Current education systems have started implementing these modes because they have yielded better results in academics and the overall development of the child. In today’s world, academics is not the only area of gauging success. Kids’ overall development, knowledge, smartness, and other personality characteristics are also taken into account while talking about success. 

Learning platforms nowadays have started adapting to the current scenario to make the best of what we have. This has given rise to different online education platforms that provide interactive e-learning multimedia activities for kids. The benefit of these platforms is that they offer knowledge with the use of multimedia platforms. Research has shown that the use of colorful visuals, animations, sounds outperform the basic text and sound learning method. This method makes kids independent, curious and it also adds to the overall cognitive development. 

multimedia learning

Why is multimedia learning important?
  1. Application-based– The use of texts, video, and audio helps children think about different hypothetical scenarios while applying and relating them to their own life. Especially when it comes to learning about abstract concepts, children must understand the concepts because there is no tangible way of showing these concepts. With the help of different media, it is easier for children to make connections and learn the concepts through application. 
  2. Memory retention- When information is presented using audio or a video medium, children use their senses more which helps them retain the information in a better manner. This happens because with the use of different media children use all of their senses for the encoding of the information. 
  3. Promotes self-learning- When the learning material is available 24/7, children can learn the material at their own pace, according to their schedule. The media platforms also provide quizzes or questions which children can answer to assess their knowledge and information retention.
  4. Availability- Some learning material is freely available online. Paid learning content is not a big financial commitment as it is manageable to afford.
  5. Flexibility– Online multimedia learning provides flexibility for learning. Children can choose their topics based on their interests and their learning styles. Online subscription-based content is also flexible to use because we can revisit, replay, rewind the content anytime we want. 
  6. Learning new technical skills- different technical skills are very important skills to have. While accessing online media, children have to get familiar with different online tools and software which also improves their technical skills. 


The Importance of Online Multimedia Learning in learning emotional intelligence and body language

Emotional intelligence or social-emotional learning have become daily used phrases. Previously, educators and education institutes did not pay much attention to this aspect of learning. Now with increasing research, people have understood the importance of learning social skills, emotional awareness, and body language. 

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multimedia learning

All the concepts in this field are abstract, which means we cannot tangibly show them. Hence, the use of online multimedia can play a key role in teaching these concepts. Children can learn these concepts easily through online activities and games that promote their thinking and emotional awareness and help them engage more with their friends and apply the knowledge that they have learned practically. 

In conclusion, we can say that online multimedia platforms are the now of learning and they provide children with a lot of opportunities to be ready for future challenges. 

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