YouTube is a great learning resource as well as a great platform to showcase your talent. And we are seeing a lot of young kids creating their own YouTube channels. But there are few young YouTube stars who are doing extremely well. Do you want to know how to be famous kid YouTube star?

There are a lot of reasons why these YouTubers would be doing well. Right from relevant and engaging content to regular updates, fresh topics, approachable manner and so on. But we believe the way the content is presented has a huge impact on being able to connect with the young audience of these channels. Nonverbal communication or body language plays more than 50% role in our ability to put across any type of communication. Media is no exception to this.

So below are a few of our top pics from the famous kid YouTuber stars. We point out how they use the right type of body language in their videos. This can be an inspiration the next time your child would like to create their own videos.

1. Samreen Ali

famous kid youtube stars - samreen ali

Samreen Ali runs a self titled Youtube channel , over which she uploads Humor loaded videos. She has a huge fan following in India. She started her YouTube channel on Feb 24, 2016, and till date she has 1.5m+ subscribers on YouTube.

What we like: Samreen and her co-host present great chemistry in their videos. What we specifically like is how they use their entire body expressions to explain what is coming up in their video. Refer to the picture above and you will notice the amount of expressiveness of the kids visible not just in their facial expressions but the rest of body language as well. This helps because the audience can understand them easily. Plus more expressive body language means the audience is able to connect well with the hosts.

2. Ryan’s world

famous kid youtube stars - ryan's world

Ryan loves doing lots of fun things like pretend play, science experiments, music videos, skits, challenges, DIY arts. The channel which was started as ‘Ryan Toys Review’ and later came to be known as ‘Ryan’s World’ has grown to have a subscriber base of 25.8 million. Apart from the English channels on YouTube, they have Spanish and Japanese channels too.

What we like: Ryan tries to make his videos as fun as possible. To achieve that, we see Rayan and his family, whenever they are on screen, are a lot more expressive and animated than normal. This is very important because they understand that the normal way for expressing emotion can appear dull on camera. Which is why good hosts generally heighten their performance when they are speaking in front of the camera.

3. MyMissAnand

famous kid youtube stars - mymissanand

Ask any Indian kid about their favorite YouTuber and MyMissAnand would be top on the list! Her Real name is Anantya Anand. She is famous for uploading VLOGS. Her followers have crossed 2 Million subscribers. She was inspired with her Bua Shruti Arjun Anand to start vlogging. She makes videos about fashion with fun videos, and began her YouTube channel in July 2014.

Keeping an open body language is very important and we see this with Miss Anand. Even if she is talking to anyone on the video her body is always toward the camera and keeps a open body language. She understands that connection with audience is very important.


4. Vlad and Niki

famous kid youtube stars - vlad and niki

Vlad and Niki is a Russian-American YouTube channel currently based in North Miami Beach, Florida. The channels revolve around two siblings named Vladislav and Nikita, and their parents, Sergey and Victoria. As of August 2020, the channel has gained over 50 million subscribers making it the 13th most subscribed channel on YouTube.

What we like: One doesn’t have to always say what is happening in the videos. Animation can help add some variation in delivering content. Adding the right animation to show the different emotions in the story can be very entreating for the audience and can make the story easy to understand. Which is what this YouTube channel does very well.

5. Little Miss Anand

famous kid youtube stars - mymissanand

We recircle back to Miss Anand. She really uses some great nonverbal techniques!

What we like: Camera frame is very important and where objects are placed in the frame is equally important. In the image you can see how the camera angle is low and there is a very big table right in between the kid and the frame. Because of this table, most of her body is getting covered, making her look under confident. What we like is that the channel quickly corrected this bit by removing the table acting as barrier in the next few videos.


Are your YouTube stars using this technique ?? There are a lot more small things which can make a huge difference. Enrol for your Free Consultation on how we can help you improve your techniques as a kid YouTuber so that you can connect well with your audience and give your videos the best performance!