Father’s Day Special – A tribute to our Sports Icons

We all know how crucial a father’s role is in the child’s development. Research has shown that actively involved fathers have kids who are better at lot of skills like social, academic and even better at emotional well being.

This Father’s day we wanted to give a special tribute to our iconic sports stars who not only toil very hard when they play for their nations but also are equally involved in the upbringing of their children. These players are true stars as they trying their best to have a work-life balance.

Thus they are ideal role model not just because of their skills. But because they are sending a strong message across the world that parenting is for both mother and father. So for your child to develop to the fullest, fathers also need to be actively involved.

Here is our tribute to players from diverse sports as iconic fathers. As they play an active role in their children’s development along with their super busy careers. Let’s take a look how these sports icons bond with their kids:

Barcelona players enjoying their win:

football sports icons bond with their kids

We all know kids come to cheer their fathers when they play their game. In the image is observed Messi along with other FC Barcelona players enjoying their post match success.

Sergio Ramos with his kids:

football sports icons bond with their kids

Sergio Ramos the Spaniard is thanking fans in the post match celebration along with his children. As we can see the children love getting the attention from the fans who love cheering not just for their dad but them also.

Federer post Wimbledon final:

sports icons bond with their kids

Roger Federer the great tennis player is known for not just his tennis skills but also a great human and father. We have seen him often spending quality time with his twin children. He once got very emotional as his kids came to watch his Wimbledon final.

David Warner teaching his toddler to swim:

cricket sports icons bond with their kids

It’s not just the payers but also institutions like BCCI which help players bond better with families. They have a “family period” when players go out for long tours where they take their family along. In the image is David Warner, the famous Australian player, who is very active on social media posting adorable images of his children. He loves to play with his kids as seen above. He took a paternity leave so that he could spend time with his new born during the 2019 World Cup.

Dravid in queue with his kids at science exhibition:

cricket sports icons bond with their kids

Any mention of cricket would be incomplete without Rahul Dravid the gentlemen of cricket and an idol of many due his down-to-earth humble nature. He loves spending time with his kids. Be it standing in queue with kids for science exhibition or traveling in public transport like in the image. He doesn’t want his kids to be pressured by his track record, but rather wants them enjoy their life to the fullest with a simple lifestyle.

Sehwag with his kids:

cricket sports icons bond with their kids

The destructive cricket opener Virender Sehwag has lived his father’s dream of starting his own school with 360 degree development of kids. He spends a lot of time with his kids to understand and connect with them better. He has stated many times that he wants his kids to choose anyone as their role model and not necessarily him.

Kobe posing with his trophies and his daughters:

sports icons bond with their kids

When it comes to NBA we have Kobe Bryant the late player known for his amazing basketball skills. His love for kids was endless as seen in the image. He used helicopters for picking and dropping his kids as he was tired of getting stuck in traffic and didn’t want to reach late in school.

Curry doing the secret handshake with his daughter:

sports icons bond with their kid

Stephen Curry’s adorable daughter Riley has become equally famous like her dad. Better known as an interview crasher of her dad, she does everything with him right from singing to doing their secret handshake as seen above.

Schumi enjoying his family time:

sports icons bond with their kids

In F1 we have our beloved Michael Schumacher better known as Schumi who met with a terrible accident while skiing. He loved spending time with his kids playing. He is a role model for his son who wants to win F1 for his father. Above is an old image is of Schumi with his family.

Mike Tyson training his children:

sports icons bond with their kids

Lastly we have Mike Tyson – the best boxer of his time. He loves to train his kids as his son is also entering the boxing field. His fans think he is also a savage like his father. The training is pretty intense as seen above.

So here was our tribute to our sports icons. Highlighting their crucial role even with their super hectic working schedules. Read here how our sport stars are spending quality time with their kids due to Pandemic lockdown.


Bhavna Suleria is responsible for co-ordinating content for the CueKids courses with the latest research in the field. She has done masters in psychology and works as the Body Language Coach for the parent company Simply Body Talk. Bhavna’s work in the field of Psychology has been published in various international journals.

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