Social skills are skills that promote effective interactions with others. There are various social skills as well as several ways in which we interact with people daily. Social skills include written, verbal, nonverbal, and visual interaction used to relay a message to others. As a parent, you can try simple steps to improve your child’s social skills and emotional skills.

1) Practice Role Playing

Pretending role-play will help them to learn to share, expressing themselves, how to tackle emotions. Ask your child to be the person whom he finds difficulty in talking. Try to interact with them, suggest some effective tips to communicate, like making eye contact, a smile on the face, and then switch the roles.

2) Teach them to ask questions

Sometimes, when kids get nervous or when they fail to communicate with others, then they may become quieter and more introverted, which ultimately results in struggling with social skills. It is recommended to encourage your child to ask questions that will answer beyond yes or no. This will help with to know more about others and to build a bond.

3) Be a Good Role Model

Children are constantly observing the surrounding adults. So it is essential to be aware and act consciously while interacting with others. Try to be a good listener in communication, show genuine empathy for others in your life. Being an effective role model requires conscious efforts.

Always remember, to praise your child while trying all the above tips. They need to know if they are doing good with the social skills, which also will help them to express emotionally how they are feeling about all the situations.