Children are great observers right from a very young age. While interacting with kids you might have observed they react to things correctly, and they can’t articulate what they are feeling. So, it is really important for kids to develop some social skills, to be ready for the future.

For enhancing this skill of kids we at Cuekids (an initiative of Simply Body Talk) offers some courses in which you can enroll your child.

Emotional intelligence course: In this, unlock your emotional superpower course, by using lots of interactive activities, games, role-plays and craft work, we teach kids to be able to understand, comprehend, and tackle their emotions and thus become more emotionally intelligent.

Here is the Link: Unlock your Emotional SuperPower

Be Future Ready Course: Through this future ready course camp your kid will learn to sharpen his social skills to understand and interact better with the world around him. This he will be doing by exploring what different professions are all about, and what it means to play out different roles. By learning different styles of conversing and using the right body language as per the situation, your child would become prepared to adapt to any situation.

Here is the Link: Course Be Future Ready

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