Kids are really intelligent and receptive. As simple as it may be to influence them they take both verbal and non-verbal cues very seriously. It is important to actively and healthily communicate with the child.

Sometimes non-verbal methods of communication go a long way. Here are a few ways you can use to communicate with your child non-verbally.

Show them what being confident looks like:

  • Standing with a slight gap between the legs and hands and making the body frame a little bigger helps the child look more confident.
  • Maintain eye contact with the child. This will help them understand how confident you are, and they would end up doing the same.

    Teach them your non-verbal love language:

  • Children need to feel secure and supported. You can show them your love, support and warmth by comforting them and holding them.
  • Bend down to your child’s level. This shows you want to be close and helps your child feel secure. It also helps with eye contact, especially for younger children.

    Your voice and tone says a lot:

  • Use a pleasant tone of voice and a relaxed body posture and facial expression when you talk with your child. This sends the message that you’re ready to listen. It also makes it easy for your child to tell the difference when you’re not happy with their behavior.
  • Even if you want to say something about your child’s mistakes don’t say it in a taunting way. Make your tone firm but not sarcastic. This makes the child even more anxious and resentful.