Social skills are the skills, that need to be learned, refined, and practice. Social skills require strong understanding of body language skills – it is all about using behavior to communicate to improve relationship with peers. You can look for opportunities where you can teach or help your child to do better. Here are some games which you can follow.

Turn-taking games: Encourage your child in the games which involve turn-taking. Like passing the parcel. This is the best way to teach them to have patience and, be respectful towards others.

Group games: These games will help them to boost teamwork, how to play fairly, it is ok to lose games, resolve conflicts, offering help to others. Group games such as Devil’s advocate, catch the dragon’s tail, and much more. This will encourage kids good sportsmanship.

Party games: Introducing any games in such an environment where kids having fun with peers will be more effective when it comes to teaching them social skills. Party games will help kids to understand other’s perspectives like playing cards where it requires choosing solutions.