Observation helps children tune in to the moment. The more solid their observational skills, the better their situational awareness. The small efforts into creating a fun space can help the child develop impeccable skills.

Observational learning is very influential. It dictates right and wrong ways of doing things without much explanation. Have you noticed that when you fold a piece of clothing and walk by, your child attempts to fold their item of clothing too? It is an example of observational learning. It is a crucial part of childhood development through which children learn new skills.

Children are observers. They learn from what they observe. If you may have noticed, your child asks you questions about something that has happened in the past; that even you cannot remember. Well, this is normal. Children have solid observation and retention skills.  They observe things minutely and want answers for everything.

Here are a few ways of developing observation skills in children:
1. Engagement:

Being proactive, talking, and discussing with a child not only helps form a better parent-child relationship; but helps your child understand the ‘why’ behind things. Provide an explanation when a child asks you something. Help them observe along with you and understand their relevance.

2. Question-answer sessions: 

A skill develops when you constantly put effort into nurturing it. Parents should put in the habit of asking questions to their children. Ask questions based on things that they observe. When this becomes an everyday thing, children will find it obligatory to pay attention to minor details in daily things.

3. Interactive activities: 

Children love fun activities and games, so why not use this medium to build a skill? Games can ensure a child’s attention and keep them involved in learning simultaneously. Example: Recognising and naming things in a room or, Deciphering the shape and colors of objects in a park.

4. Give them power:

Children love to be in power and like doing things their way. Enable them the freedom to make decisions for themselves. For example: What to wear or which color to fill in the drawing. Then help the child understand the reasoning behind each one. This way, the child will be able to observe and reason before making decisions.

observational skills

Conscious development of observational skills goes a long way in serving benefits to a child; right from accumulating information to asking questions to form perspective, observation skills are of great importance.

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Below are some ways observational skills help your children:

1. Attention:

The first step in observation is attention. When a child observes a particular thing, they are obliged to devote their full attention to it. It helps the child to understand better. To know when to be quiet and when to intervene. Observations, thus, help children explore their surroundings and learn new things by themselves.

2. Decision making:

When you allow your child to observe meticulously, right from childhood, and give them the liberty to make the decisions, you are helping them prepare for the future. When a child is given exposure to different areas of life, along with proper explanation, they are confident and decisive. Rather than jumping to conclusions, they can observe the gray areas and make decisions accordingly.

3. Curiosity:

Children are natural observers. When you, as a parent, nurture this skill in the child, they are encouraged to talk about the things they observe. By probing and engaging with children in these activities, you can develop a sense of curiosity in them. They start looking at the world in a different yet meaningful manner.

4. Confidence:

Observation and description are the pillars of self-confidence. A sense of self-confidence is imparted within them when parents promote the observation skill of a child and allow them to have a say in the situation or their own opinions.

Therefore, it is vital that we, as parents, do not leave a stone untouched while instilling this skill in our children. There are fun activities that are known to be develop observational skills in children.

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