Many people all around the world agree with the fact that they have all the knowledge but do not know how to present it to others. Public speaking is considered one of the most common challenges. However, the good news is public speaking skills can be worked on and improved. Public speaking is an excellent skill to have your hand on, especially in the contemporary world. It strengthens your self-esteem, boosts confidence, and puts a good image of oneself before others.

Having hands on public speaking skills can be an ego boost for children. Starting from an early age, it will help instill self-confidence and impeccable communication skills in children. It will make them feel better about themselves, helping them in the long run. Therefore, imbibing this skill in them has become the need of the hour in this fast pacing world. It is one of the most overwhelming yet exquisite feelings. It can help boost a child’s personality as it benefits a child in the following ways:

Improves confidence:

A confident person goes beyond limits to embrace their personality. Presenting oneself before a large audience helps uplift an individual by giving the necessary ego boost. It assures them that they are worthy and valued.

Braces them for the future:

In the contemporary world, leadership skills are of great importance. It tells a lot about an individual’s personality. Public speaking helps children get over the fear and live through anxiety. It also engages them in other aptitudes like critical thinking, presentation skill, and self-awareness. All of these go a long way toward preparing them for the future and be a leader of tomorrow.

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Makes them a better person:

With public speaking come other factors that need to be acknowledged. It involves planning and executing the speech meticulously. It sharpens their organizational skills and makes them comfortable with themselves.

Social value:

Not only does public speaking help build you as a person, but it goes a long way toward developing your social value. Helping children learn social skills becomes easier with public speaking, as they are familiar with giving speeches, talking fluently, and attending workshops and seminars. The company of others helps them expand their circle, making them vigilant.

Public speaking serves many more benefits than mentioned above. It ensures the all-round development of a child and braces them for the future. It is essential to have patience and evolve through life one step at a time to ensure a successful personality. Remember, each child is different, and each one has their unique abilities. Teaching asks for patience and perseverance. It might take some time, but, in the end, it will all be worth it.

Remember, it is a process and not an event. Improving public speaking skills will require effort and nurturance from time to time. Avoid forcing it onto them instead, model the behavior and help them take it ahead.

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Activities to boost Confidence for Public Speaking Day

Let’s break the barriers now to ensure a successful career. Initiating public speaking early in life will aid the child to excel in life. Try teaching your child to live through fear and anxiety rather than eliminating it. It will go a long way toward building their self-esteem.

To start off, here are some activities you can ask your child to do on a public speaking day:

A day prior:
  • You can help children pick what they will be wearing to go in front of the audience. Choose comfortable clothes, not something that would divert a child’s attention from their speech
  • Pack some food like an energy bar or a refreshing drink for the child.
  • Go to bed early and set an alarm to wake up on time.
On the Day:
  • Ensure that they have eaten properly. Do not let your child consume food and beverages that can create a problem for their voice or the stomach.
  • Arrive early at the session
  • Try to greet everyone with a warm smile and be polite.
Ten minutes before you talk:
  • Brace your child and make them confident by helping them understand how the physical position on the stage
  • Skim through the first part of their speech with your child.
  • Calm them down, and do breathing exercises to relieve their anxiety.
  • Assure them that you will be here to cheer for them.

After your child has finished, make sure you provide positive feedback at the moment. Your actions are as vital, as it communicates your interest to your child. Let them know that you are proud of them.

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