Did it ever happen that your child knew all that he needed to in order to give a speech but got overly anxious when it was the time to talk in front of a crowd? Or that they are well-versed with academics but somewhere fall short while making a presentation? Well, you are not alone. Several people all around the world agree with the fact that they have all the knowledge but do not know how to present it to others. Fear of Public speaking is considered one of the most common challenges. However, the good news is public speaking skills can be worked on and improved. 

Public speaking is an excellent skill to have your hand on, especially in the contemporary world. It strengthens your self-esteem, boosts confidence, and puts a good image of oneself before others. Due to its immense importance, everybody wishes to grab it, but what should one do about the fear of public speaking that comes along the way? And how do we alleviate this?  Letting fear out is much easier early on in life than when we are teens or adults due to various aspects. 

fear of public speaking

Some ways to overcome the fear of public speaking in children are listed below: 

  • Parents are significant supporters. Children look up to their parents for validation. Therefore, instill confidence in them. Let them know that you are there for them. Help them when they stammer and encourage them to build upon their strengths. Practice trial and error: Not only should kids talk about the topics that interest them the most, but also take an outlook on other various topics. A simple activity like using a word or concept and asking your child to decipher its meaning can help boost their confidence.
  • Involve them in activities and fun games that include speaking in the presence of others.  Example: Word spin or road game. It will help develop the essential skills by having fun simultaneously, which can help ease the fear. Make it a weekly or daily habit to present before others.  Let your child lead the conversation in an everyday situation, like grocery shopping or even in stores. These realistic, first-hand experiences will boost confidence in them.  Motivate children to express their views about various topics. Make them speak it before the entire family or a group of friends. It will help them be comfortable with speaking in the presence of others. 
  • Help them be clear about the content. Teach ways of organization. Obligate them to prepare notes beforehand, and be familiar with what they intend to speak out there. It will build confidence and express fluency. Engage your child in storytelling. Put a practice of asking them regularly about their day, describing the favorite part of their day, or how their friend’s birthday party was. Coerce them into talking about their favorite cartoon, favorite food, or even a favorite person.
  • As a parent, do not be judgemental. Listen to them. Do not break them off while they are talking. Assist them in correcting their mistakes the next time they are putting together a speech.

Here are some of the ways even parents can help their children to overcome the fear of public speaking. There are few ways in which your kid can become a good public speaker.

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