Games and activities for kids to teach them social skills are the best way to learn good behavior, to learn about emotions when around with people. Games can teach them patience, respect, recognizing body language. Social skills are skills that promote effective interactions with others. Below are a few tips you can try.

Pretend Play: Have your child pretend to be the person they have difficulty talking to or getting along with. This will give you an idea of what this person is like, or at least how your child perceives this particular person. Then switch roles to see how your child does when pretending to interact with the person. Become a teacher, a doctor, will help them to adapt to new situations and respond to emotions.

Suggest ways your child can more effectively talk with the individual. Don’t forget to include body language, such as smiling and making eye contact, when advising your child.

Simon Says: This is a very common game among kids. As they follow the instructions given by another friend. This helps them to be attentive while playing and follow the game rules.

Teaching Empathy: Teaching empathy is to help children learn how to actively listen to others. Games like productive debate, storytelling, puppet shows. This involves focusing on what others are saying and then thinking about what the speaker has said once the conversation is over.

Promote introspection: Children can learn a lot about their emotions and why are they experiencing them. For example games like team sports, the expression mimicking games. This will help them understand themselves which is as important as communicating with someone else. This will allow them to understand the surrounding people.