Since the beginning, CueKids has focused on making nonverbal, social, emotional and communication skills accessible to kids. We offer courses and events in which kids are taught these essential life skills in an interesting way.

CueKids Eclass is an online subscription platform especially designed for kids between the ages of 7 to 12 years focusing on nonverbal communication and many other essential life skills. CueKids Eclass was born from the idea that if we create a safe online space for kids where kids can learn these life skills at their own pace and in a fun way, it will not only make them more independent but also more confident. 

Why is Eclass unique?

After the pandemic, online education platforms have started becoming popular. Most of these platforms offer academic content such as lessons in maths, science, and history. Eclass is a unique platform that offers lessons and videos on essential life skills which are going to be as important, if not more, for kids’ future.

1. Activity wall

Eclass offers an “activity wall” for kids who want to showcase the progress they have made. This will give kids a sense of confidence over what they have achieved and it can also inspire other kids to learn more.

2. Focus on the digital safety of kids

One of the important concerns of parents while choosing a digital subscription platform is the safety of kids on these platforms. Parents are generally scared that their kids will encounter some kind of inappropriate information. The content team of Eclass makes sure that kids have a safe experience while browsing through the platform. 

3. Open to kids of all cultures

Content on Eclass is not culture-bound. We make sure that kids from any cultural background and any country can benefit from the content that Eclass offers. 

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4. Trainer inputs

We understand that it is important to know if kids have gotten the appropriate information from our content. To maximize their learning experience, Eclass offers inputs from skilled trainers of CueKids. 


What else does Eclass offer?

Eclass is a unique online platform that offers a variety of free and paid content. Eclass Fun Corner has a lot of quizzes, fun facts, fun concepts, engaging stories, and many colorful worksheets! All of this content is available for free. We also have different event meetups based on fun themes where children can revise the content that they have learned through Eclass subscriptions and courses. All of this content is based on research and designed by psychologists and nonverbal communication experts.

What are Digiboxes?

Other than the free content, Eclass also offers a variety of sets of activities, concepts, worksheets, and videos based on social skills, nonverbal communication, communication skills, and emotions. You can buy any of these boxes individually. If you have Eclass membership, you can get access to these boxes based on what your membership offers.

In the times when kids are adjusting to the new normals of the new world, Eclass offers the life skills that will help kids regain the grip on the essential nonverbal communication, social and emotional skills that might be considered more important in the near future. 

How do I access Eclass?

The login process of Eclass is very easy. You can go here and create your login ID and use the free content available on the Fun Corner. If you want more diverse content based on emotions, social and emotional skills, you can opt for the paid membership plans which will give you access to the digiboxes!

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