Kshipra Bhardwaj – Skill Building Program By CueKids

#1. How was your overall experience with the online modules of CueKids?

Our experience was very good. Vanya was always very involved and excited about the classes and she really enjoyed herself.

#2. Did she learn something unique in the courses?

Yes. She learned to observe more in people and things around herself and she learned some simple skills to really navigate better socially.

#3. Why did you enroll her in three of our courses?

We were very happy with how Vaanya enjoyed the first one. Then we decided to put her in the other two. She was really enjoying the first course and has equally enjoyed the others as well.

#4. Have you seen any changes in Vaanya’s confidence?

Yes. Like she was sure about what she wanted to do in planning for whatever projects or homework was given.

Interview with Kshipra Bhardwaj 1

#5. Can you tell me how she coordinates with friends for team projects?

Yes. That was really awesome. I didn’t have to help her at all actually. They have a group project to do in one of the courses. Since kids cannot meet each other as one of the participants was in Dubai and others are here in Mumbai, so they coordinated for timings since kids are in different time zones and different school times, and different timetables that they follow. And it was really awesome to watch them do it and how much they learned on their own. I hardly helped her. She herself figured out everything like thinking about the project, thinking about how to schedule the meeting, and how to convey things with project partners. I think that project itself taught her a lot about how things really happen in the real world. It’s like how grown-ups do their meetings and projects and coordinate with each other.

#6. What is your Feedback about the Trainer?

She really likes the trainer and is very comfortable with him and from the first workshop to the next one she is always looking forward to learning from him.

#7. What did you find unique about CueKids courses?

The CueKids skill-building program is really good as compared to what all courses and workshops are that are available out there. These courses teaches kids something that they can use everywhere and anywhere in their life. Like how to socially navigate themselves and observe things and understand their emotions and people around them. I found the experience very very unique.