“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself in front of the camera.” – Coco Chanel

The world around us is constantly growing and this growth is not just limited to infrastructure or technological advancements, it is limitlessly growing in terms of networking, in terms of education, building a social network and online identity has almost become like second nature to us. Not only us adults but even as children online presence has become a vital part of their identity and education.

Having a YouTube channel for kids has been a very common sight these days and while many children are nailing the YouTube game, some still struggle with the camera consciousness. Here are a few tips and tricks for how to make your child’s camera confident and prepare them for their presence online.

What can you as a parent do to raise a camera confident child?
1. Encourage them to try different things:

Making kids confident is a conscious process and effort. It takes time and constant inputs from both the parents and the kids. Encouraging kids to try out new things, letting them explore the vast arena of opportunities and domains that are available and suitable for them.

2. Allow them to make mistakes:

No one is flawless, and expecting perfection from your child will only restrict them. Allowing your child to make mistakes would help them in accepting their own flaws and constantly polish their skills making them even more confident.

3. Give them the liberty to choose their interaction style:

Giving liberty to children to make their own independent choices on their interaction style will promote autonomy and decision-making power. Whether they want to be interactive, analytical, or expressive can be their decision and will bring them comfort while being on camera.

4. Create a Positive Body Image: 

Encourage your child to have a positive body image by emphasizing their unique qualities and celebrating their strengths. Teach them to focus on their abilities, talents, and inner qualities rather than solely on physical appearance. Avoid making negative comments about their or others’ bodies.

5. Gradual Exposure:

Start by introducing your child to cameras in familiar and comfortable settings, such as family gatherings or outings with close friends. As they become more comfortable, gradually expose them to larger social events or public settings where cameras may be present.


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Which body language tips and tricks can your child use to look more confident on camera?
1. Use more hands while speaking:

Using hands and making sure that the child’s hands are visible on camera will instantly elevate a child’s on-camera presence and make them appear extremely confident to the audience. Make sure the child does not overdo it and use their hands around their torso region.

2. Maintain eye contact:

Maintaining eye contact with the audience is the key to grabbing and retaining their attention. While it is comparatively easy to do so in real life but on camera it could be a challenge as the audience is not physically seen. Make sure your child is sitting at an appropriate distance not too close or far away from the camera. Also, make sure that they are looking straight into the camera and not elsewhere.

3. Smile and be assertive:

It is always encouraged to be and look warm and approachable on camera as most people will try to understand your child’s personality over the internet and not offline. Smiling is the best way to look more approachable and assertive. It also makes your child look more confident in their content and in themselves.

Remember that building camera confidence is a gradual process. Be patient, supportive, and understanding as your child develops their comfort in front of the camera. With your guidance and positive reinforcement, they can become more confident and enjoy capturing and sharing moments of their lives.

To make your child ready to face the world of competition and content creation, make sure that their online lives are backed up by healthy and even more active and value-based offline lives. Raising confident children requires your attention and time. But apart from that CueKids is here to help you work on your child’s body language and self-confidence.