Public Speaking course for kids is mainly focused on enhancing communication skills and leadership skills. It helps kids to overcome from nervousness to speak in front of a crowd.

In Public speaking course kids are given different formats and situations to face the audience, through activities which gradually build up in complexity, we give children the exposure of different type of situations of public speaking.

But to start with every parent can encourage his/her child to speak in front of people by following simple basic steps at home.

1) Practice – Practice is the key point of Public Speaking. Doing a practice removes the fear of speaking in front of people. You can do this at home by making them record any story telling session or proving any information about their favorite topic.

2) Make it an enjoyable game – Play an interactive game with kids, so they feel much more confident, and there will not be any fear of failure. For example, ask your child to share his ideas, and thoughts.

3) Appreciation – Try to be more appreciative. It will remove the feeling of hesitation to speaking in front of people. Constructive criticism is also necessary to improve them but, one constructive criticism with two positive feedbacks will always work.

4) Listen to them – Try to listen patiently to whatever your child is trying to convey. They will feel comfortable while speaking and realize that speaking has some value.