Parenting is one of the crucial aspects that are of great importance in a child’s development. Growing up, children look up to their parents. Parents are role models and in some way shape the behavior of the child. According to psychologists, as personality forms in the early years of life, so do leadership styles. Family is the first place where the child grows and learns the disciplines of life. It molds a child for their future.

However, few parenting ways may impact a child’s ability to adapt to skills. It may keep them from undertaking leadership roles.

1. Keeping them away from risks:

We, as parents, are very protective of our children. It keeps the children away from adapting to difficult situations. According to psychologists, a kid who has never played outside or experienced a minor injury like a skinned knee often develops a fear of things. It is, therefore, important for kids to understand that the way to succeed is through failures. Falling a few times will help them know the effort it needs to be a successful person. Let them experience this; it will help them be less arrogant and boost their self-esteem.

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2. Always being there for them:

Well, being there for your kids is great, but not always. In contemporary times, young parents tend to rescue their children too quickly. When a child is in misery or has done something wrong, parents try to intervene and sort it out too quickly. Due to this overindulgence in a child’s life, we as parents don’t provide them the opportunities to try their skills. It keeps them away from hardships, and therefore they do not know how to solve problems themselves.

3. Failure in Modeling:

Children learn more from observation than from preaching. Imbibing qualities that a leader needs is immensely crucial right from childhood. Being honest, firm, and confident are some of these. Parents must try to practice these in life so the children can pick up on them. Practice what you preach; that is a quality in itself. 

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4. Keeping them away from life lessons:

As parents, we feel our children should not know about our mistakes, our struggles, or even our failures. The past experiences that you, as parents, have can be very relevant and need to be shared with our kids to help them navigate the difficult phases. That is how development takes place.

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While it is very important to provide a secure base for our children, it does not mean solving the problem for them. Children must be assured that you will be there for them in the journey while they try to solve their problems by themselves. This will not only build resilience in them but they will develop a sound sense of self and have a good self-esteem.