Why is having fun while learning?

Before I talk about this, let’s talk about birthday parties or party events in general. Do you remember your childhood birthday parties? What memories does it bring back to you? I have certainly had a few such as a Barbie-themed party wherein the cake was shaped like a doll. The pool-themed birthday and apart from this all my society friends were invited and we would dance and play the good old games like dumb charades, who is able to burst any balloons in a minute, some sort of fashion show, etc. And these are some of my best memories.

While I was researching if birthday parties hold any significance in a child’s development, I stumbled upon some amazing facts found by Dr. Woolley that indeed it does have importance. Not in a way that the party should be grand and sophisticated and only then will it benefit the child. However, just celebrating counts and so the advantages include that it raises the child’s self-esteem as it makes them feel loved and that they are important to their parents.

This also helps in creating positive memories in both conscious and unconscious ways; it strengthens family bonds and establishes social relationships because the sense of being together to celebrate something matters and that through these parties’ children relate to feelings of kindness and companionship. Moreover, by celebrating children’s emotional needs are valued and that’s when they feel loved because there is warmth in that sort of environment in which the child will feel safe, included, and respected.


You must be wondering why I am talking about the importance of birthday parties. That is because birthday parties involve some sort of themes and games and let’s think what if these themed birthday parties have some games that teach children certain skills? Sounds interesting, right? Studies have shown that there is a great way to give children some meaningful opportunities to make their learning fun and interesting. When such interactive activities or games are used that make their learning engaging and fun, children will be more willing to participate. Additionally, they’ll be able to retain information in a better way as the whole process becomes memorable and enjoyable.

Thus, we at CueKids have combined these two beautiful things i.e., themed birthday parties with teaching concepts like communication skills, social skills, emotional skills, critical thinking, body language, etc. in a fun way through amazing interactive games or activities.

Be sure to check out our party events and watch for yourself.