Parenting style means attitude and behaviors, parents show to their kids to manage their children behaviors by controlling them, punishment, caring, and showing affection towards them.

It is important to understand your parenting style, which should be supporting healthy growth and development because it is going to impact them lifelong.

Read more about what effects do your parenting style has on your child.

Authoritarian Parenting: This type of parents demand more out of children but do not take responsibility to explain the child. They attempt to micromanage every step their child takes. They make rules but seldom give explanations for them.

Effects on Children: Children have low self-esteem and low self-confidence since they have hardly done anything according to their wish.

Reliable parenting: Reliable parenting is warm and responsive. They provide guidance and utilize reasoning to make their kids understand.

Effects on Children: Kids become more self-confident and secure about their abilities and are more open to learning new things.

Pessimistic Parenting: Pessimistic parents set very few boundaries and rarely impose any rules over children. These parents are nurturing and warm, but they do not like to say no or to disappoint their children.

Effects on kids: These children struggle with decision-making and since their parents have not made them understand the causes and consequences of things.

So must identify your parenting style, to ensure that your children don’t get negatively affected. Because the way you interact with your child and how you discipline will make their personality.