First, while teaching your child, try to focus on one skill at a time.

Though kids are great learners, learning one skill at a time will make them understand in a much better way and learn quickly.

There are some ways for which we can help you, but while teaching Public Speaking, you can follow some simple tricks.

1) Make it an enjoyable game – Make it an interactive game that kids should not feel a burden while learning. For example, encourage your child to speak on any topic in front guest at home.

2) Practice – Doing a practice will build confidence in kids and remove the fear of speaking in front of people.

3) Appreciation – Always try to be more appreciative. It will remove the feeling of hesitation to speaking in front of people. As per my experience, giving positive feedback works very well.

4) Listen to them – Try to listen patiently to whatever your child is trying to convey. They will feel comfortable while speaking and realize that speaking has some value.

Now coming to learn Social Behavior skills, let’s understand this first. What problem you are facing in terms of social behavior or what kind of specific thing you want them to learn. Then we can work on this further.