Our courses at Cuekids have been designed to work on your child’s all-around development in terms of their social, emotional, and non-verbal skills. These courses help your kid to learn and understand various complex concepts easily through the activities we design and conduct during the course.

The main objective of our “Be Future Ready” is to focus on and develop the social skills of children. It also works on how children can build effective relationships and understand various domains of adult life by adding their perspective to it.

Here are five amazing ways in which your child will be developing their overall personality when they go through our course, let us take a look to learn a to Be future-ready course.

1. How to interact with their Peers:

Like adults, kids also require social support and some validation from their peer group. While some children are highly extroverted and make friends faster, some others definitely need help and a gentle push. This course in particular looks after both the groups! It gives the extroverted kid a platform and the shy kid a push they require to socialize and make new friends.

Since most of the activities require kids to work in pairs or groups they bond better and help each other to grow by mentoring one another. This takes away the shyness and nervousness. It is a rich and value-packed give and takes of different nurturing qualities.

2. Exposure to different professions and their responsibilities:

“Be Future Ready” is a course specially designed for kids to get to know the professional world. This course prepares them and gives them the exposure to different perspectives about careers and how each profession has different challenges of its own. We also cover how these are best tackled through good social skills. Now, this might sound like an ambitious objective to an adult, but through activities designed for their age, and a step by step approach in terms of complexity of concepts, we ensure that kids are having fun while learning about the ways of the world.

Eg: One day they get to be a computer programmer and think about tackling situations and teach as if a computer programmer would do. Likewise children get to understand and decode many different professions. Our key objective of taking up different professions is to expose children to natures of interactions and how to address them, rather than just give them insights into specific professions.


3. Team building and working in a team:

Interactions in the real world happen as much in groups as they do one on one. How to use social intelligence to tackle such scenarios is well addressed in the course Be Future Ready. Since this course is conducted in groups, children get to meet diverse crowds and learn to build up their own network. Apart from that, every activity gives the kids a chance to explore and autonomy to make decisions. This helps them understand how to manage and work in a team.

A lot of activities require the kids to pair up and conduct roleplays, we have often observed that during these activities children form a cohesive team, comfort and support their teammates and practice a healthy exchange of ideas. Kids, therefore, come out becoming empathetic individuals and team players.

4. How to tackle and overcome difficult real-life situations:

As much as we talk to children about difficult life situations some things are best learned through experience. During the course, we help kids simulate such situations and guide them to find solutions to difficult real-life situations that they might have to deal with. They learn to break down problems into bite-size pieces and solve each piece bit by bit to reach the desired solution.

For eg: In one of the activities we might ask them to imagine themselves as the CEO of the company. As a CEO what challenges they might face? How would they resolve conflicts and manage employees’ questions like these are posed in front of them and they are compelled and motivated to think about them and find solutions to them. Such activities help them to understand the actual roles and responsibilities of different professions.

5. How to understand concepts that adults use and implement them in the kids’ own way:

We adults sometimes use a lot of complicated concepts of communication. We expect our kids to also understand these, ignoring the fact that kids might not understand or have developed the perspective of human nature that we do through our years of experience. Through our activities, we at CueKids try to simplify these complex concepts for kids so that they find these easy to relate to next time they are in a similar social setup. Not only that, but we also discuss with children how they can improve relations with their friends and adults using some of these techniques of communication and body language.

For eg: The importance of non-verbal cues in different professions is very essential and we adults use them very often but kids might struggle to understand these gestures. Let’s take an example, that an air hostesses’ primary job is to serve passengers on a flight. Kids don’t understand how the air hostesses make the passengers feel comfortable through their warm smiles and greetings. We break this down and demonstrate it to our course participants. Later on, we discuss how they can make their shy friends feel more comfortable using similar warm ways of acknowledgment.

Develop Social Skills with Be Future Ready Course for Kids


To sum up, we understand that kids do not need to sacrifice their childhood in order to learn adult things and prepare for their future. They can very well learn these extremely important values early on in their own way without seeming like a burden and we help them in doing that.