Parenting can sometimes be challenging, specially for working parents, and when it comes to celebrities and kids who are constantly facing the cameras, they might even have to put on some “performance” to show their bonding for their kids. What about celebrities from our very own Bollywood? How do they find the time to bond with their children? What are some of the great body language techniques that they use?

While most of the parents spend good family time to bond well with their families, we decided to dig a little deeper. We hunted out those body language displays which are not easy to simply put on and “pose for the camera”. Here is our list of favourites, going from the impressive ones, to the most impressive one. Let the countdown begin!!

5. Shahid Kapoor with Misha Kapoor

celebrities and kids

One of the first things we teach parents who want to learn to communicate better with their children, is to go down to the height of the child. This helps because then you can both see more of each other. And more importantly, your body frame which is naturally larger than your child’s, appears reduced. This helps you look more approachable and less dominating to your child. A lot of parents do this naturally, but if you don’t, it’s time to change.

4. Akshay Kumar with Nitara
celebrities and kids

Here, in this video snapshot you see Akshay Kumar sitting very relaxed, conversing with his daughter who is asking him to make funny faces, as per her demand. The smile that you see on his face is a natural smile, one that always looks beautiful when exchanged within family. The reason why we put this down here is because of the rarity of a natural smile in front of the camera. Actors might be good at flashing an almost natural smile, but its not easy to give this particular smile, unless you are in the moment. Kudos to the actor for not thinking of the video clip being recorded, but being fully involved with his child.

3. Shah Rukh Khan with AbRam
celebrities and kids

Research shows that when people communicate in a style similar to each other, it makes for greater rapport building. Men have a naturally low pitched voice, whereas kids have a shriller voice, more high pitched. For bonding with the kids, mothers find it easy to increase the pitch just a tab bit to sound more like their child. But for fathers this can be significantly more challenging. We have observed great dads do this with suave. Here you see a demo by SRK while he consoles the kid who has hurt his finger. One great dad for sure!

2. Shilpa Shetty with Viaan
celebrities and kids

Here there is a rapport or comfort with each other at an even higher level, where the mother and child are showing very similar expressions at an almost simultaneous instance. When a moment similar to the one captured above arises, it speaks of how well connected the couple is. Also, after spending time with each other, pairs start displaying near similar expressions, be the couple that of husband wife or even parent child.

1. Kareena Kapoor with Taimur Ali Khan
celebrities and kids

This one wins our heart. One can see obviously that Kareena here is posing for the cameras, which are ever ready to click away the kid with his parents. What is significant, however, is her leg cross. Most actresses who pose for the camera very naturally take on the leg cross. This posture makes them look more confident, since its a position one cannot disengage from easily, in times of danger. The impressive bit is the direction of the leg cross. The way she is standing, were she to topple over because of imbalance, the direction she would be falling is towards her family, not away from them. A minor signal, might even go unobserved, but it speaks volumes of how much one trusts their family. So Kareena, you walk away with the title of Best Showstopper Mom!

About Author:

Khyati Bhatt is the founder and CEO of CueKids. She conducts all parenting sessions for the company. She has trained for mastery in nonverbal communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro and has being frequently quoted in leading media for her thoughts on the subject.