Inter School Competition!!

Inter school competition by cuekids

This webinar will help children to understand how to deal with different types of emotions so that they can stay focused and perform well no matter what field they participate in – academics or extracurricular. And as parents, you will experience how to be able to understand your children well so the family can together stay happy and healthy. Brought to you by CueKids, the specialists in body language for children, who have a team of experts specializing in the field of nonverbal communication, and work with kids on the international front.

Competition Details
The criteria for the competition would be on Public Speaking Skills. Students will be provided with a topic on which they will have to speak for 2 minutes. Winners will be announced on the basis of skills such as their ability to convey their thoughts clearly, being confident in front of a crowd, and their ability to use body language effectively.
Prizes and Giveaways
  • 8 lucky winners will win prizes worth ₹5000/- each
  • All participants will get a paid 6-months subscription to our CueKids Eclass portal for free
  • Certificates will also be given to all participants
Prize Worth RS.40,000/-

CueKids Eclass is a portal of fun and interactive games, activities, worksheets, and videos to enhance students’ social and emotional skills as well as work on personality development.

The competition can be organized separately for primary and secondary kids.

Please note:
We could alternatively also organize the competition on Emotional Intelligence or Social Skills.

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