CueKids Course Being a Great Detective



12 Sessions Course

Course Objective

Is your child thrilled with spy stories and detective movies? Then they will definitely enjoy this, being a great detective course! A 10 day online course is carefully designed so that each session is filled with observation activities, science experiments and team games, this course aims to help children understand the power of all our senses using a theme they can easily relate to.

Course Highlights

Through this, being a great detective course camp your kid will learn to observe the world around him better, using the theme of Detective which he might be familiar with.

We enrolled Vanya for Being A Great Detective course. The course was very exciting and engaging.She took time to get comfortable and later she couldn’t wait for the session to start. She loved the group activities,she was most excited about them. Thank you for this fresh concept.

- Kshipra Vanya's Mother

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Skill Development

Here are some of the skills that your child will gain through this interactive fun filled online being a great detective course.

CueKids Course Being a Great Detective 1

Critical Thinking

CueKids Course Being a Great Detective 2

Minute Observation skills

CueKids Course Being a Great Detective 3

Understanding Body Language

CueKids Course Being a Great Detective 4

Exploring Senses

Course Content

Section 1

Day 1-2

All about disguises

Section 2

Day 3-4

Suspect Identification

Section 3

Days 5-6

Secret Codes

Section 4

Days 7-8

Becoming super sensitive

Section 5

Days 9-10

Evidence Collection

Section 6

Days 11-12

Arriving at Deduction

About CueKids

CueKids is India’s only company for kids providing skill building programs by focusing on nonverbal communication. We work with kids in the age group of 7-12 years providing courses that are full of fun and activities. So concepts we teach are not difficult for kids to understand or imbibe.

  • Maximum 6 kids per batch

  • Final batch timings as convenient to all kids

  • Unique content designed by our in-house team
  • Concepts that apply to all parts of the world

  • Experience of working with kids across the globe